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This CreteROD concrete buggy material handler is a reliable piece of equipment for heavy-duty construction tasks. With a Yanmar diesel engine and only 447 hours of use, this buggy is built to handle any job site needs. Its sturdy build and compatibility with any type of job make it a versatile addition to any construction fleet.

Measuring approximately 120” long by 54” wide and 59” tall, the Crete Rod serves as a low-profile equipment option and has a low center of gravity for stability. Its 78.50” wheelbase, coupled with all-wheel hydro-static drive with twin locking motors, and hydraulic cylinder driven rack and pinion steering deliver unparalleled stability, maneuverability, efficiency and versatility. The Crete Rod moves concrete and other building materials across varied terrains and in restricted spaces like indoor and outdoor construction sites, bridge construction projects, mining facilities, landscape contracting projects, and more.

The buggy's added stability and its 2,400-pound weight capacity ensures it can transport large amounts of concrete with ease. The buggy's model year is 2013 and it comes with a serial number of 13036B. This heavy equipment is perfect for those in the construction industry and is sure to get the job done.